Product Line Update

We have retired the formula Inflammanol due to the fact its two primary ingredients Curcumin and Boswellia, are included already in Cell Stop, our flagship 17 ingredient formula. Curcumin and Boswellia made up 66% of Inflammanols content and we have decided to consolidate our line of formulas to focus on the best value for your dollar. Mindful was also recently retired as the primary trademarked ingredient PS Sharp Green has risen in cost 300% in the last few years and no longer makes Mindful a viable formula from a cost perspective. We refuse to reformulate Mindful using cheaper ingredients that don't have the same scientific support as PS Sharp, just to sell another memory support supplement. One of the things I refuse to become is one of the multitude of vitamin companies who try to sell you dozens of individual products for supporting a particular health condition, when one single, multi ingredient formula covers it, and at less cost. That has always been our mission, and we remain true to it. We have never tried to sell you weight loss, energy, or "beauty pills", because in my 30 years reviewing the scientific research, there is no magic bullet in a capsule for these things.We will continue to focus on the highest quality formulas for healthy aging while optimizing our offerings for your cost benefit. Thank you for all your support as we enter our 5th year!

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