There is no secret to losing weight

Decades have passed with the continual cycle of the latest fad diet or “weight loss pill” bursting into public awareness then fading away in a few years. Breathless testimonies of amazing results then silence. Super secret diet details claiming to finally have cracked the code to weight loss. Those desperate to lose 10, 20, 50 pounds spending hard earned money to access this “miracle” breakthrough. Secret ingredients, water pills, paid pre-planned delivery programs, slimming pills, exclusion diets, fat burners, special food combinations.


If it seems confusing, that is not an accident. Only by telling you the answer to weight loss is outside your control, can they sell you their product or program. The reality is that the answer to safe, healthy and sustained weight loss requires you to do only one thing…


Eat less.


Sounds easy to say but hard to do right? I promise you once you begin to understand how much you are putting in your mouth, it becomes easy to make small choices each day to increase the quality of your choices and cut down on the calories in your choices. And as your body becomes used to receiving less calories a day, within a week you won’t feel so hungry each day. Studies have shown most people underestimate their daily calorie intake by 50%! You will only start losing weight when you spend a couple of days figuring out how many calories you are consuming a day. It’s not difficult as the answer is right at your fingertips on the internet. A small two day effort of logging calories will change your whole world. You will be shocked. You thought you were eating 2000 calories a day, but you will find you are eating 3000. That is the breakthrough understanding that can change your life. You will begin to consider what you eat, and how much, each day. It reframes how you see food. Making small choices here and there to cut portions down seems easy, but you will be amazed how long it takes your brain to stop telling you that is not “enough”.


Did you notice I didn’t say exercise? That is because most people hear “eat less and exercise” and immediately think they probably won’t exercise so they ignore the whole suggestion. That’s an excuse…and I took it away from you. I didn’t say “eat less AND exercise”, I just said “eat less”. That doesn’t require gym memberships you won’t use, fancy sneakers or sweating. Just eat less. Anyone can do that, each day, for free.


How do I know this works? Weight loss without exercise by simply watching daily food intake? Well I just lost 10 pounds, in 7 weeks, without exercise. I am 6’1 and went from 184 to 174. I didn’t starve, it wasn’t that hard, you can do this too!


Want an even more impressive story? My wife Andreea lost 50 pounds 12 years ago and has kept it off ever since. By watching what she eats. It is not punishment, it is not difficult. She also runs a couple of times a week, because she likes it. I wish I could find the desire she has to run, I don’t, in fact I am pretty sedentary. But I still lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks, so there is no reason you can’t do this too. There is no secret, just spend a day or two counting your total calorie intake so you begin to understand what you are putting in your mouth every day. Then start making multiple small choices each day to decrease the amounts and increase the quality.

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