Common Product Questions

General Product Questions:


Are your products Non-GMO?

All Optimal Health Knowledge formulas are completely Non-GMO, even including the inactive Nu-Flow that blends the ingredients. Nu-Flow is powdered organic rice hulls.

Are your products free of Gluten, Soy, dairy...etc?

All our formulas are allergen free. This means they have NO wheat, gluten, gliaden, soy, dairy, corn, egg, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, peanuts, almonds or nuts.

Are your products safe for vegetarians, vegans?

All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Even our capsules are vegetarian.


Gi Comfort quick FAQs:


But I heard Licorice raises blood pressure?

Regular Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, a component that can lower Potassium levels and raises blood pressure. Gi Comfort only contains DGL Licorice, or deglycyrrhizinated licorice. As the name implies, the glycyrrhizin is removed.

How do the probiotics survive the stomach acid?

Our probiotics are state of the art micro-encapsulated in an alginate-collagen complex. This provides protection to the probiotics as they transit the stomach into the intestines.

Does Gi Comfort need refrigeration because of the probiotics?

The micro-encapsulation process described above allows them to be shelf stable at room temperature.

I heard cellulose is wood!

Cellulose is a natural plant fiber, found in all living plants and making up their cell walls. Cellulose is no more "wood" than any vegetable or fruit you eat. We consume cellulose all day long in whole plant foods. That apple you crunch into? Cellulose.

Does Stevia raise blood sugar?

Not at all. It is not a glucose and has no effect on blood glucose levels. It is also not an artificial sweetener.

Saccharomyces Boulardii, what is it, yeast(!)

Is a beneficial and non-pathogenic yeast. Just like there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, there are good and bad yeast. There are hundreds of studies showing Saccharomyces Boulardii's supports digestive health.

Can I give Gi Comfort to my child?

We, by FDA regulations, cannot give recommendations for those under 18 years old.

Can I mix the powder in food or a smoothie?

Yes you can.


Cell Stop quick FAQs:


Can I take Cell Stop with my medications, chemo or immunotherapy?

We recommend you print out Cell Stop's ingredients and ask your doctor or oncologist if you can add Cell Stop to your treatment regimen. 

I heard Flaxseed & Milk Thistle are like estrogen?

In no way does Flaxseed Lignans or Milk Thistle increase or promote estrogen.  Milk Thistle contains Silymarin and Silibinin, which are flavonoids. Flavonoids do not increase activity of the Aromatase enzyme. Flaxseed Lignans are flavonolignans, from the same family, and they also do not increase activity of the Aromatase enzyme.


I heard Curcumin needs black pepper (or piperine) to be absorbed?

True, but our Curcumin in Cell Stop is BCM-95 Curcumin, the patented, trademarked and most clinically proven curcumin on the market which is supplied from Dolcas Biotech. BCM-95 contains the oils from the root, which are far superior for absorption of curcumin than using black pepper. The oils contain Tumerones, which are also active and beneficial and not present in plain curcumin. BCM-95 Curcumin absorbs 7 times as efficiently as curcumin with black pepper.

Can I open the capsules and mix them in food or liquid?

Yes you can.