1. How do I know can trust your quality?

We are probably the only vitamin company that posts our Certificate of Analysis for each or our 5 products, right here on our website. What we say is in the bottle is, it was made in the USA, and freshly manufactured. Getting a COA from most vitamin companies is like pulling teeth.

2. What makes you different?

We are not trying to sell you 3 different bottles of different ingredients for one health issue...we take all those ingredients, put them in ONE formula, you simplify and save $, and hopefully you will thank us with your business.

3. You won't automatically send me bottles I didn't order?

We will never, ever, ever send you more bottles and charge you.

4. If I accept marketing, will you bother me?

Not at all, we will send you coupon offers and interesting health news, maybe once a month.

 5. Shipping?

We have a flat $5 domestic shipping rate up to $48.99, above that is free shipping. We ship USPS Priority Mail, please allow 3-4 business days after the day you order for domestic orders. We do ship international, using USPS Priority Mail. The cost to Canada is $19, and the rest of the world $29. Due to customs delays, some shipments may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

6. Customs/restrictions 

Some countries have laws against individual ingredients that you cannot import to that country. It would be impossible for us to know every country's import rules and regulations. You must research and be aware if your country does not allow certain ingredients, especially hormones like DHEA, Melatonin, Pregnenolone to be imported. If you order one of our products, and your country does not allow it to be imported due to restrictions, and it is stopped or seized in customs, we will not be held liable for the loss.

 7. Coupons?

Who doesn't like to save $? We offer coupons and discounts from time to time, often for BIG savings. Pick the best one for you, as we can't accept more than one coupon at a time. There is a discount box you will see during checkout, type and apply the coupon code there and click apply.

8. Expiration date

Due to coming regulations by the FDA, by the year 2018, vitamin companies will no longer be able to put expiration dates on their products unless they conduct very expensive shelf stability testing on each product. Instead, there will be a manufacturing date. Many manufacturers and vitamin companies like us, have chosen to already comply with this coming law. This is notified by an "M" (manufactured) and a date...such as M06/2017. This is causing great confusion for consumers as some companies have complied with this change...some have not. Most likely all vitamins will only have a manufactured date by the end of 2018, because spending thousands of dollars on every product they make to sit on a shelf for 2 or 3 years....then be tested for potency, is something only the biggest of vitamin companies can afford to do. In some ways...it is better for the consumer to have a manufactured date than an expiration date, because manufacturers can list ANY date they want for expiration date on vitamins...there are really no laws governing this, we have seen one big company in particular use an expiration date 7 YEARS in the future! As a general rule of thumb...most capsules, tablets and powders are shelf stable for 2 years, maybe 3. Liquids generally 1 year. If you know the manufacturing date, you have a better idea how long your product is still good.

9. Medications

If you are currently taking any medications, please do not use any of our products until you ask your doctor about any possible interactions. You might want to print out the ingredient list of any of our products you are interested in, and take that to show your doctor first.

10. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding 

When pregnant or breastfeeding, please do not use any of our products. A good rule of thumb is to stick to a good prenatal, and avoid anything else unless recommended by your doctor.