Cell Stop shipping delays

Hi everyone. We have had absolutely unbelievable sales of Cell Stop so far for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale event, so much so that we sold all of our stock.
We have another shipment arriving by the end of this coming week, so we will keep it as listed as in stock to purchase, but please understand this means that some orders from this weekend and any new orders will be shipping later this week. It is possible that you may receive your Cell Stop a week or so after you order. We apologize sincerely but this was absolutely unforeseen levels of sales for Cell Stop. It has become a huge seller thanks to your support and it being a one of a kind formula.
Hopefully the 25% off and free shipping has given us some goodwill in your eyes.
For anyone that ordered a large amount of Cell Stop, we will ship some tomorrow and the rest when the new shipment arrives at the end of this coming week in order to try to get as many people as possible some Cell Stop. If you are not contacted by us about this arrangement, you were not affected.
We thank everyone for their amazing support of our little company and our efforts to keep up with our fast growth!

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