Our October donation to Vitamin Angels

We just donated 1% of our sales for October to Vitamin Angels. We sell our vitamins to those that can afford them, so it is Optimal Health Knowledge’s belief we must donate for those who cannot. The amount may be small now, but it will continue to grow as we do going forward…

Dear John Boyce,


Thank you for Optimal Health Knowledge LLC’s donation! You’re an angel.


As a result of your generosity, Vitamin Angels will continue reaching children with the vital nutrients that will help them attain good health and give them the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives.


We believe your donation to Vitamin Angels is the lowest cost, highest impact investment you can make in the health of children worldwide.


On behalf of the children and mothers who will benefit directly from your generosity, thank you.


The Vitamin Angels team.



Your contribution, designated on this receipt as a Donation, is deductible for tax purposes to the full extent allowed by law. No goods or services were received in exchange for your Donation. Please keep this receipt for your tax records. Federal Tax Number: 77-0485881


Donation Information


Donation Amount: $88.00

Donation Date: 11/2/2016

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