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Breast Health CS formula is in stock!

Update: Breast Health is in stock!   We are excited for the coming arrival of our 8th specialty formula, Breast Health CS. Containing 200mg Indole-3-Carbinol, 100mg DIM and 1,000mcg Iodine per capsule...this formula will be a powerful supporter of optimal breast health. The first two compounds are protective components of Cruciferous vegetables, just in better doses than obtainable through normal diet. Seaweed is the most common source of Iodine, and after the Thyroid, breast tissue should have the largest concentration of iodine in the body. But with so many using Himalayan salt these days, which contains only traces of Iodine, making sure you get enough iodine is crucial. Together these 3 powerhouse nutrients will provide daily immune system support of...

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