Alpha Lipoic Acid 

300mg is a potent anti-oxidant mitochondrial compound that is highly involved in energy metabolism. It has been called the master antioxidant because it recycles both water-soluble antioxidants like Vitamin C, and fat-soluble antioxidants like Vitamin E, allowing them to be active much longer. Alpha lipoic acid supports healthy levels of the liver enzyme Lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat in the liver. (12) In clinical studies, 240mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid was supportive of healthy liver function. (13) Alpha Lipoic acid also supports normal gene expression in liver cells. (14) It also promotes health DNA function. (15) Alpha-lipoic acid boosts glutathione levels and has potent antioxidant actions. (16) The antioxidant activity of alpha-lipoic acid is working in the extra-cellular fluid and also within the cell. (17)

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