Lion’s Mane 

1,200mg contains the compound hericenone which has been shown to support youthful cognition and memory in a clinical trial with 50-80-year-olds with mild cognitive decline. (1) Lion’s Mane supports brain-boosting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF). Lion’s Mane compounds were found supportive in a model of memory. (2) Hericium erinaceus has been shown to support the brain’s normal defenses against the build-up of Amyloid-Beta. Amyloid Beta has been shown to result in brain cell shrinkage. (3) Lion’s Mane supports healthy levels of the memory neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. A decline in acetylcholine levels coincides with advancing age and is a hallmark of neurodegeneration. (4) Lion’s Mane was shown to ease inflammation in multiple memory areas of the brain. Brain inflammation has been implicated in memory loss. (5) Support of recognition memory was shown in studies. (6) It was also shown to support Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the Hippocampus. (7,8) Other studies show Lion’s Mane supports the body’s nerve systems. (9)

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