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Products we offer update

We have made the decision to only sell our own products from here on out. We previously were a reseller of Life Extension products. We love the quality of their products, but we want to dedicate all our focus to our special formulas we have researched, designed and manufactured. We are soon to be adding our seventh company designed formula for Liver Health, and along with the strong sales of the six that we have already, we need to focus all our efforts on supporting our amazing, vegan, non-gmo and allergen free line. You can always buy Life Extension products from them directly at

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Hi everyone! We are excited to have our unique, breakthrough formulas picked up by the Largest Anti-aging organization in the world, Life Extension. We are being highlighted this month on an end cap at the one and only Life Extension Nutrition Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. You can also order our products from Life Extension at 1-888-895-4771 Check for sale prices here on the website first, it might be cheaper to order here on our website at any given time.* We are currently in negotiations for being stocked with other retailer locations, we expect to have more announcements soon!

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